The Work of Mu Pan

Apocalyptic monsters, writhing bodies and sprawling battle scenes comprise Mu Pan’s spectacular drawings and paintings.  The Brooklyn-based artist, originally from Taiwan, creates surreal and nightmarish compositions in which mythic figures struggle against each other in magical states of metamorphosis or dismemberment.  Having emigrated with his family to America and 1997, Mu Pan claims his background shapes his style.  Having been heavily influenced by Japanese manga, Chinese scroll painting and Japanese prints, Mu Pan’s work is an amalgamation of traditional folk art and the trenchant fuel of his imagination.  His work is a manifestation of his anger at the world and the means by which he tells stories and attains some form of catharsis.  His elegant draftsmanship, fluent lines, sensitive brush work and washes of paint bely their violent, tumultuous subject matter and draw the viewer in to witness his grotesque monsters and war scenes in incredibly beautiful detail.  Mu Pan’s work is a vision of the world at its least forgiving, most malformed, preposterous and monsterous using the most refined, articulate and charming method of description.

mu pan16 mu pan15 mu pan14 mu pan13 mu pan12 mu pan11 mu pan10 mu pan9 mu pan8 mu pan7 mu pan6 mu pan5 mu pan4 mu pan3 mu pan2 mu pan


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