The Work of Winston Chmielinski

Vibrant washes of rich colour depict lurid, tactile flesh in Winston Chmielinski’s beautiful paintings.  Using a loud palette, Chmielinski retains a remarkable sense of intimacy in his subjects whose situations and peculiar poses are enhanced by his amplified, aggressive brushstrokes that leave some features obscured while others are delicately rendered.  The varying pigmentation also serves to suggest a heightened sense of realism in that his figures seem fragile and fleshy despite their psychedelic description.  The application of paint has a liquid quality that lends a sense of movement and energy to each piece.  Chmielinski describes his process from a moment of conception, similar to a ‘big bang’, starting with one or an array of images he fills in his canvas frenetically until things feel right and the momentum of his process has reached a point of climax.  This way of working obviously lends its self to instinctive decision making and is clearly responsible for his uniquely confident and exciting style.  This sense of immediacy and spontaneity extends to his choice of composition in which all his figures and objects are depicted in snapshot poses, gestural and idiosyncratic smeared in layers of paint.  Chaotic and eloquent, exhilarating and sophisticated, Winston Chmielinski’s paintings provide a sense of reflection, realism and escapism.

Winston Chmielinski3 Winston-Chmielinski

Winston Chmielinski18 Winston Chmielinski17 Winston Chmielinski16 Winston Chmielinski15 Winston Chmielinski14 Winston Chmielinski13 Winston Chmielinski12 Winston Chmielinski11 Winston Chmielinski10 Winston Chmielinski9 Winston Chmielinski8 Winston Chmielinski7 Winston Chmielinski6 Winston Chmielinski5 Winston Chmielinski4 Winston Chmielinski3 Winston Chmielinski2 Winston Chmielinski


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