The Work of Marcin Zawicki

Marcin Zawicki paints twisted, plastic still lives so delicious and grotesque that they look touchable.  His oil paint sensitively describes each glistening corner, sickly sweet feature and animalistic detail of his strange still lives with the same elegant attention devoted to the most illustrious of subjects.  Psychedelic and brightly lit, the piles of sticky, trashy detritus are transformed into magnificent kitch monuments or towering fables of 90s paraphernalia.  Plant cuttings, poisonous mushrooms and sections of turf  obscure and intertwine with broken toys, ambiguous ornaments and amputated doll’s limbs and, rather than non-descript piles of offcuts and rubbish, they emerge from the gloomy smokey backgrounds like noble greek statues or smouldering battle scenes where broken action figures and toys wander like wounded soldiers through desolated places.  The bright colours, tactile surfaces, realistic technique and clashing patterns draw Zawicki’s audience in and rather than provoking disgust or sensory overload, allow us to explore a fantasy world that destroys familiar objects of waste and childhood with fresh eyes.

Marcin Zawicki14Marcin Zawicki13Marcin Zawicki12Marcin Zawicki11Marcin Zawicki10 Marcin Zawicki9 Marcin Zawicki8 Marcin Zawicki7 Marcin Zawicki6 Marcin Zawicki4 Marcin Zawicki3 Marcin Zawicki2 Marcin Zawicki


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