The Work of Daniel Zeller

Inspired by satellite images, maps, electron micro-graphs and schematic diagrams, Californian artist Daniel Zeller creates meticulous patterns that feel simultaneously familiar and alien.  Rather than producing exact copies from his source material, Zeller creates a visual language that leaves his images open to interpretation.  Although his work is compelling when viewed simply as abstract imagery, it’s complex structures and forms have the effect of an inkblot test on the audience.  Magnified blood vessels, bacteria, minute organisms or diseased cells to some eyes, ancient maps of unexplored territory, satellite photographs or detailed diagrams of complex vegetation to others.  Whatever our interpretation, we are moved to examine and explore by reverberating lines, pulsing patterns and  the strangely compelling mixture of psychedelic sci-fi and painstaking typography.  Perhaps these are illustrations or demonstrations of information overload, countless details and images in which accuracy is imperative are transformed into impressions and notions of the original information.  Though exciting, fluid and dynamic, Zeller’s work is not chaotic and retains a strange order, every line precise and unobstructed by other colours or patterns.  His process involves instinct and spontaneity and clearly inspires this in those who view it.

daniel zeller17 daniel zeller16 daniel zeller15 daniel zeller14 daniel zeller13 daniel zeller12 daniel zeller11 daniel zeller10 daniel zeller9 daniel zeller8 daniel zeller7 daniel zeller6 daniel zeller5 daniel zeller4 daniel zeller3 daniel zeller2 daniel zeller


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