The Work of kikyz 1313

Mexican artist kikyz 1313 creates visions of dismembered, nightmarish beauty using intricate and obsessive traditional techniques.  Often featuring the contorted, violated forms of cadavers as her focal point, kikyz 1313’s work is reminiscent of the work of Richard Dadd with his bizarrely detailed paintings of victorian fairies.  Though kikyz 1313’s work has a similar quality of line, colour and aesthetic, her content is far more deliberate and directly sinister and disturbing.  The manner in which these macabre images are described is familiar and enchanting, similar to highly ornate victorian illustration and Pre-Raphaelite paintings, with a strange sickly-sweet tone.  The allusion to fairytales and innocence is exaggerated further by the depiction of innocent children in much of her work.  Their delicate, pale, flawless flesh shrouded by twisted vines and entrails, they exist in a state of suspended reality apparently ignorant of their central role in scenes of utter carnage and distress.  In a deliberate attempt to horrify, disorientate and jar the viewer, she seeks to draw her audience close with the prettiness of her technique and the attraction of elements of the subject matter before shaking them with the moral barrier and startling content of her drawings and paintings.  She forces the viewer to confront their natural morbid fascination and our inclination to peer at and scrutinise that which is supposed to repulse us.  Violent and sadistic subject matter has long been the obsession of great artists though the gratuitous nature of their content is often to illustrate an ancient myth, a biblical story or a historical tragedy almost always with propaganda or moralistic motives behind the creative horror but this manner of work lets us consider our perception of violence and sadistic behaviour for its own sake with no excuses and how we react to it without its usual, and often arbitrary, moral excuse.  Still in the early stages of her career, kikyz 1313  had her first solo exhibition Cadáveres Esquicio at the Museo de la Ciudad de Querétaro.  She was awarded a residency in Sweden, surely the beginning of more prestigeous accilades to come.

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