The Work of James Jean

Renowned for both his commercial work and fine art, prolific artist James Jean creates a bewildering and impressive diversity art work that spans from graphic design and jewellery making to epic paintings and diptychs.  His use of line and illustrative style reveals his situation as an observant artist of the digital age with an extensive and thorough understanding of the history of art.  Born in Taiwan, Jean was brought up in New Jersey.  He is now a prominent figure in the American comic industry and is recognised by prestigious galleries, Prada, ESPN and Atlantic Records to name only a few.  He became the cover artist for DM comics in 2001, earning him multiple awards before going on to work in advertising for multiple international publications.  His diverse commissions included a mural and backdrop for Prada campaigns and spring/summer show, a series of portraits of LAs famous faces commissioned by designer Phillip Lim and projects for a diverse range of publications from The New York Times to Playboy.  The thing that ties Jean’s work together is a universal sense of escapism and dream-like surrealism.  Highly ornate and intricate, his work has a liquid quality and is laced and layered in varying degrees of solidity, explanation and technique that compell his audiences to loose themselves and constantly discover new elements in the work.  While some figures are three-dimensional and life-like, other areas of work are only partially described and are flexible to interpretation.   He playfully describes varying degrees of reality that interweave, coincide and sometimes interact.  He uses familiar subjects and figures manipulating them or re-imagining their surroundings until they become components in enigmatic and often magical scenarios.  Creating a distinctively Eastern finish in keeping with his heritage, Jean’s work is unmistakably of its time and although the skill, technique and atmosphere of his work often retains a traditional feel, he employs methods and makes observations that are evocative of the digital age.  His work reveals a world that has been altered through the eyes of a creative human being and processed in turn by contemporary technology.  Rather than making the work cold or distracting us from the content with gimmicks, this enhances it’s charm, intrigue and experimentation.  Elegantly straddling the cultural language of East and West, Jean creates art that contrasts traditional drawing and painting with digital art techniques and poetically describes a fantastical world that has been adapted to the worlds of fine art, graphic art, fashion and illustrious news publications.  One of the 21st Century’s renaissance men.

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