The Work of Tiffany Bozic

Enchanting studies of gentile nature by Tiffany Bozic elegantly illustrate the idealised beauty of plant and animal life.  Her studious and detailed paintings, like fine china, are balletic and beautifully precise.  Like victorian taxidermy, each animal is posed unnaturally and perfectly, flawlessly in their ornate environments.  Rather than faithful studies of nature, Bozic’s subjects are symbolic.  Methaphors of life’s struggles and trials.  Inspired by her own extensive travel and exploration of nature and wildlife, her work  also features depictions of specimens at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, giving them a strange and slightly eerie feeling of ‘undead’.  Suspended in a surreal environment free of the external influences of nature, Bozic’s subjects operate under different rules and are metaphoric representations of largely autobiographical subject matter.  Using a complicated and highly complex process of staining the maple panel on which she works, she has developed a refined finish that integrates her own mark-making and manipulation of line with the grain of the wood itself.  Perhaps this is another extension of the relationship between the nature that inspires her and the highly intricate creations they evolve into through her craft.  Living and working in San Francisco, Bozic was also the first Artist in Residency at the California Academy of Sciences whereby she created the “From the Depths”.

Tiffany_Bozic_Salinity_Final_6_inchtiffany bozic2Tiffany-Bozic-Rhino-BeetlesTiffany-Bozic-BarrensOfSuburbiatiffany bozic4tiffany bozic5tiffany bozic6tiffany bozic7tiffany bozic8tiffany bozic9tiffany bozic10tiffany bozic73_bozic2final6inchtiffany bozic11


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