The Work of Michael Koelsch

Flamboyant creations by Michael Koelsch lavish film posters and book covers with illustrative and digital art that radiates the vibrant retro spirit of the art and style of the 50s and 60s.  Upholding the conventions and beliefs of artists like Coby Whitmore, he engages his audience with iconic, cartoon-like leading ladies posed sensuously in slap-stick positions at the foreground of chaotic compositions from which the narrative of the advertised film/book/TV series tumbles furiously.  Garishly bright, his work, like archetypal fashion posters, Koelsch depicts fantastical worlds in alluring and dynamic compositions.  His dramatic, filmic constructions, evocative of war time propaganda poster designs as well as romance novels and B-movie advertisements are direct in their message and impact.  The Californian artists, born in 1967, uses the colours of his home state’s surroundings and pop culture.  A fusion of comic and graphic artistic ideas, retro pop-culture and lost charm of advertising is memorialised in Koelsch’s work.

Michael Koelsch Michael Koelsch2 Michael Koelsch3 Michael Koelsch4 Michael Koelsch5 Michael Koelsch6 Michael Koelsch7 Michael Koelsch8 Michael Koelsch10


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