The Work of Tahiti Pehrson

The staggeringly intricate paper tapestries by Californian artist Tahiti Pehrson are reverberating abstractions, hand cut and seamlessly detailed.   The delicate lines, interweaving like geometric spiderwebs have a beautifully rhythmic quality.  His work is based on Guilloché patterns- the system used to create geometric patterns printed on money in international currencies.  The delicacy and complexity of his designs is the focus of his art transforming it from a signature to prevent forgery to an expression of beauty.  Translating a language that it purely functional into that which is poetic and imaginative.  The son of 2 artists, Pehrson plans to create public space projects in future.  His work has a magical quality as it changes according to the light passing through the gaps and spaces that comprise it’s delicate structure, casting shadows and warping the original patterns on other surfaces making it organic, engaging and changeable.  He uses scalpels with number 11 blades, Canson or Lenox paper and creates patterns on his computer, drawing on top of that afterwards and cutting everything by hand.  Inspired by astronomy and astrophysics,free climbers on El Capitain and the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ photo he draws from multiple sources, experiences and sensations to create his paper art.   Music is also a huge influence in his work as is evident in its repetition, structure, precision and hypnotic style.

tahitipehrson6 tahitipehrson7 tahitipehrson8 tahitipehrson9 tahitipehrson10 tahitipehrson11 tahitipehrson12 tahitipehrson13 tahitipehrson14 tahitipehrson15 tahitipehrson15 tahitipehrson17 tahitipehrson18 tahitipehrson2 SONY DSC SONY DSC


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