The Work of Lui Lui

Canada-based Chinese master Lui Lui’s staggering paintings employ a wide range of disciplines and techniques acquired during China’s cultural revolution.  Having painted posters on the street as a boy and gone on to study at the prestigious Central Academy of Arts in Beijing, Lui’s immaculate, painterly style is laced with a sense of immediacy and filmic drama that makes his work uniquely compelling.  His operatic paintings draw us in to a strange world of hyper-reality and total fantasy that transcends cultural, formal and figurative convention.  Often compared with the work of artists like Caravaggio, Lui’s paintings combine the same spirit of high contrast chiaroscuro and classical beauty with a much broader range of references and freedom to express more subversive, socio-political and humorous subject matter.  Also depicting the grotesque and the absurd, Lui’s subjects are not caracaturish or cartoonish but monstrous and utterly enchanting.  He depicts sexual, voyeuristic and explicitly erotic scenes and often combines such figurations with straight portraiture or grotesque theatrical characters, eastern and western, and geisha girls.  His allegories and narrative paintings are chaotic and rich, incredibly detailed and colourful.  They have a sense of movement and dynamism reminiscent of Baroque paintings and sculptures.  He describes incredibly convincing dimensions and worlds that form twisted and manic reflections of our own.  Lui Lui is a modern master who embodies cultural diversity, sensory over-load and sophisticated artistry that draws from a deep well of eastern and western technique.


lui lui tattoolui lui1Lui-Liu10 lui lui9 Lui-Liu8 LuiLiu7 Lui-Liu6 lui lui5 lui lui4 Lui-Liu3 Lui-Liu2 luilui1


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