The work of Joram Roukes

The noisy imagery of Joram Roukes’ paintings combines wild animals, symbols of urban existence, pop-culture and street art to create chaotic amalgamations of loitering bodies and distorted figurations.  Having created art work based on the Smashing Pumpkins seminal album, Roukes work followed the same objective as the music to ‘instill fans with both sadness and hope.’  His work has two faces- chaotic, vibrantly decorative oil paintings that stimulate and charm his audience; the other side of Roukes’ work is a darker insight into contemporary media overload.  His hectic, contrasting collages of loitering, slumped bodies, dogs, chimps, horned creatures and roosters with elements of street art, ambiguous explosions and street fashion reflects a sense that we are overwhelmed by violent bombardments in media and life.  Grotesque fusions and appocaliptic visions, Roukes work though sinister is also playful and dynamic.  Incredible breadth of reference with a startling lack of coherence or logic threatens society’s values and means that our tastes, taboos and markets adapt to a constantly evolving desire for stimulation from a public who grow ever more desensitised and jaded.  The skill and precision of the work elevates is position and lends it a resonance that would be lost with a less precise methods of execution and makes the eye linger over each painting long enough to consider its message.  Bright colours next to ash black and dented smokey vehicles contrast beautifully and the Netherlands-based artist succeeds in delighting us as well as provoking questions about the way we process such diverse elements of media and information.

Joram_Roukes JoramRoukesfivescoopsoilpainting2012 JoramRoukesOccupyOilpainting2012 JoramRoukesRedEyeoilpainting2012 joram roukesNotRightNow joram roukes joram rourkes KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA joram roukes1 KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA joram roukes4 JoramRoukesTheMexicanShirtoilpainting2012


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