The Work of Hsin Yao Tseng

The romantic visions of American cities by Hsin Yao Tseng leave a nostalgic impression with their damp pavements and glistening streetlights yet record a distinctively contemporary view of today’s urban landscape.  Employing painterly techniques reminiscent of European expressionism, Tseng’s style risks ‘biscuit-tin kitch’ but avoids unnecessary sugariness using a convincing realism and a skilled, sensitive depiction of light.  Though attractive, these are not over-idealised views of America but accurate scenes of beauty in places that are usually indistinct views we would ignore from our car windows or on our walk to work.  Using compelling view points and perspective that magnetically draw his viewers into his paintings, Tseng’s palette, brushstrokes and manipulation of sumptuous paint describes sharp objects and geometric structures in an organic way that implies the bustling life that swirls around his subjects.  His streets and buildings are not a startling contrast to the misty dusk and dawn skies above them but harmonise with them suggesting an ease between architecture and nature.  Originally from Taipei, his fine art education in San Francisco clearly provided the basis for the growth of a natural skill that expresses his fascination and fondness for the city and evokes a compelling curiosity in his audience.

Hsin-Yao Tseng-Rainy day in Downtown-10x10-Oil on Panel-1000 hsin yao tseng1 hsin yao tseng2 hsin yao tseng3 hsin yao tseng4 hsin yao tseng6 hsin yao tseng7 hsin yao tseng7 hsin yao tseng8 hsin yao tseng9 Hsin-Yao-Tseng_-Discovering_14x11_Oil-on-Panel_2011


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