The Work of Denis Forkas Kostromitin

Russian artist Denis Forkas Kostromitin’s distinctive illustrative style conveys a sinister and spiritual mind with his beautiful, dreamlike imagery.  His father was a Russian military Officer which necessitated a typically nomadic way of life making conventional institutional artistic education difficult and Kostromitin, as a result, is largely self taught.  Long periods spent in a state of isolation in remote and desolate regions of Russia perhaps explain his dream-like imagery, in which various forms and figures struggle between tangible solidity and smokey, morphing ungraspable illusion.  Heavily influenced by Greek and Egyptian mythology, his approach evolved to consider a more western philosophical influence upon the collapse of the iron curtain in 1991.  During the economic boom at the turn of the century, Kostromitin made several visits to China as a journalist, interpreter and commercial representative and met various respected Chinese masters of art.  He spent 3 years of intensive study with them, eventually mastering gongbi and xieyi techniques and realised that he was destined to devote his life to art.  He believed that philosophical study, meditation and technical skill could be combined to achieve spiritual harmony in the form of visual art.  This sensitivity and the rhythmic, dynamic quality of his enigmatic work is a clear inspiration to other creative souls as his work has been used by various musicians for album covers and his influence has spread quickly and been recognised internationally.

Denis Forkas Kostromitin Denis Forkas Kostromitin2 Denis Forkas Kostromitin3 Denis Forkas Kostromitin4 Denis Forkas Kostromitin5 Denis Forkas Kostromitin6 Denis Forkas Kostromitin7 Denis Forkas Kostromitin8 Denis Forkas Kostromitin9 Denis Forkas Kostromitin10 Denis Forkas Kostromitin11 Denis Forkas Kostromitin12 Denis Forkas Kostromitin13


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