The Work of Francois Bard

French artist Francois Bard tackles the simplest and most modest of subjects, normally overlooked as unimportant or incidental, and transforms them into profound symbolic visions of intimate emotions.  Depicting shoes, tree routes or folded arms, the academically and commercially recognised artist foregoes conventional focus on distinguishing features or obvious, explained narratives.  He devotes sophisticated painterly style and sumptuous brushstrokes to peripheral detail, hinting at the significance of each object though never fully explaining their place, stature or context.  He elevates his subjects through his attention to detail and his use of oil paint-usually reserved for illustrious content and leaves his audience with a sense that they are being let into a secret and tantalisingly interrupted before the whole story is fully explained.   Like exhibits of evidence, samples of life, or segments of memory, Bard’s work reflects something of our recollection and the way we associate small details with emotion and importance, making his subjects engaging and thought provoking in a way that could not be achieved by larger theatrical scenes that impress but do not connect.

 francois bardfhjkFrançois BARD 8 François bard3 François BARD7 Francois-Bard_2013 François BARD6 Francois-Bard-Contact-2012 Francois-Bard---Vretige François BARD 8066 FrancoisBard2 François BARD 5 François BARD4 François BARD 3 François BARD 2 François BARD 806


2 responses to “The Work of Francois Bard

  1. Thankyou! We love your work and will post more in future. We hope you enjoy all that Guliver has to offer. We hope that life and work are treating you well and can’t wait to see more of your work.

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