The Work of Phlegm

Cartoonist and illustrator Phlegm extends his work from page to wall in his character-based street art.  The Welsh artist’s huge, spindly creatures creep through streets and tunnels and climb the walls of run down buildings and grand commissioned sights.  His work defies traditional graffiti categorisation.  His charming, fanciful content and style is fairytale-like and elegant.  Strangely similar to the feeling of victorian etchings, Phlegm’s spidery lines and repeated patterns, recurring motifs make his work distinct from all other street artists.  His work is narrative and enigmatic, carving hidden worlds and meanings into the facades they decorate.  His work ranges from indian ink on paper to spray paint on walls planes and boats transforming them from ordinariness and utilitarian mundanity to landscapes in which mystical characters travel, climb, frolic and peer out at us.

artist-phlegm phlegm10 phlegm11 phlegm12Phlegm-main3 phlegm8 Phlegm7 phlegm6 phlegm5 phlegm4 phlegm3 phlegm2 phlegm


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