The Work of Lee Jeffries

English photographer Lee Jeffries started taking photographs of homeless people in 2008 and elevated a group of people, often overlooked and objectified, to spectacularly engaging iconographic figures in his portraits.  Unbelievably Jeffries is an accountant by day.  His razor sharp focus and almost confrontational close ups suggest a far deeper understanding of human nature that far exceeds the traditional perimeters of his profession.  His photographs scrutinise every strand of hair, wrinkle, freckle, pigmentation of his subjects face yet none of these elements of scrutiny and minute detail detract from the intense searching, contemplative gaze of his sitters.  His photographs are passionate and empathic, records of engaging and intense moments of intimacy between artist and subject, not the work of a detached spectator but the art of someone who has truly experienced a profound connection with another human being.  After photographing a homeless girl in her sleeping bag and realising that he had been seen steeling her image without permission or explanation, Jeffries decided to speak with her and this has been his approach ever since.

lee jeffries10 lee jeffries9 Lee-Jeffries-8 lee jeffries8 lee jeffries7 lee jeffries6 lee jeffries5 lee jeffriesBeautiful-Expressive-Portraits-by-Lee-Jeffries_12 Lee Jeffries, 20100 lee jeffries4 lee jeffries3 lee jeffries2 lee jeffries


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