The Work of Jason D’Aquino

The minutely detailed illustrated matchbooks of Jason D’Aquino never exceed 1square inch.  Most famous for his matchbooks, he has worked on all manner of surfaces from recipe papers and prescription sheets to antique ledger pages.  D’Aquino takes insignificant, mass produced, worthless objects and transforms them into unique pieces of art.  He draws icons prevalent in our collective artistic vocabulary from Marilyn Monroe to the Mona Lisa.  D’Aquino’s exacting illustrations are precise imitations of vintage posters, advertisements and classical works of art.  The size and surface of his work transforms his minuscule drawings into gem-like treasures for his audience to discover within ordinary,unremarkable scraps.   Disposable items of rubbish are transformed into mementos of beauty, reminders and tokens of skill and fantasy.

jason d'aaaaaaJason D’Aquinostrange_path Jason D’Aquinostreets Jason D’Aquinoblondes Jason D’Aquinodeathwish Jason D’Aquinospicymystery Jason D’Aquinogoodbadugly Jason D’Aquinobondage Jason D’Aquinomatch-2 Jason D’Aquinomatch-6 Jason D’Aquinoyoungfrankenstein-377x490 Jason D’Aquino Jason D’AquinoThe-Long-Night-Matchbox-Painting-Art-By-Jason-DAquino jason d'aquino3-theshining-hitchcock-600x697


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