The Work of Marco Mazzoni

Delicately rendered colour-pencil drawings of Marco Mazzoni symbolise the mystical roles and religious practices of healing women.  These ornate and intricate drawings partly reveal anonymous figures with symbolic plants and living things that they use in their rituals and practices.  They seem to represent an ideal of femininity and mysticism rather than exact portraits based on reality.  Mazzoni’s isolated women are idealised, beautiful, youthful and seductive and they exist in a strange, floating world of deap black pools and brilliant light.   They also represent a culture of concealment, their un-described facial features adding to their allure and mystery as well as hinting at the conventions that force women to hide their attractions and remain appropriately detached.  His figures are components of a still life and are included in the same light as his creatures and plant life.  This absence of individuality in his figuration by no means detracts from the life in his pictures and the female figures act as the central conductor around which the other elements revolve and harmonise.  Mazzoni’s use of contrast, colour and composition leaves a dynamic, enlivened impression and his ornamental aesthetic acts as a magnetic pull rather than trivialising his subject matter.

marco-mazzoni-9 marco-mazzoni-8 marcomazzoni-4 marcomazoni3 marcomazoni5 marcomazzoni-5 marcomazzoni-05 marco-mazzoni2012-4-500x620 marcomazoni-6 marco-mazzoni-06 marcomazoni6 marco mazoni8 MarcoMazzoni_TheViewers marco mazoni10 MarcoMazzoni_TheJudge


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