The Work of Nicola Samori

Nicola Samori’s incredible deconstructed interpretations of classical compositions simultaneously preserve a deeply familiar and intrenched technique of painting and physically destroy it’s rules and conventions.  Samori’s Baroque influence is plain and skilfully referenced in his elegant work which ignores contemporary subjects in favour of classical faces, bodies and clothes.  Each delicately painted image is defaced by glutenous gloops, scratches or vicious brushes of raw paint, systematically destroying the work underneath.  Enigmatic and classically beautiful, his paintings tell half stories and are wonderfully dramatic in their pose, chiaroscuro lighting and atmosphere.  Appropriately, Samori’s studio is a reappropriated, ancient church near Byzantine Ravenna-clearly an inspiring setting for such haunting work.  The defacing of the subject of each painting is representative of death and decay but also introduces an interesting abstract aesthetic to otherwise representational pieces.  They also describe disillusionment with the idealised imagery of classical art and conventional stature and beauty with the sharp contrast between realistic form and pollack-like paint dribbling and brushstrokes.

Nicola Samori Nicola Samori2 Nicola Samori3 Nicola Samori4 Nicola Samori5 Nicola Samori 6 Nicola Samori 7 Nicola Samori 8 Nicola Samori 9 Nicola Samori 10 Nicola Samori 11


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