The Work of Jenny Saville

Jenny Saville paints huge, expressive figurative works with brutally articulated visions of flesh.  Saville’s work does not seek to flatter but to reveal intimate visions of humanity like zoological specimens.  Her drawings and paintings are not descriptive portraits of character or individuality but truthful images of flesh, its alterations and folds, its scars and bulges.  Saville’s energetic brush strokes and expressive style bridges a strange gap between figuration and abstraction and makes images that she pulls from live models, observed sketches of her own body and found images of plastic surgery beautiful in their vibrant form and colour despite their grotesque content.  The combination is compelling and relatable and forces us to ask provocative questions about our attitudes to the body, it’s beauty, the way we objectify and scrutinise its forms and flaws.  Famously spotted by Saatchi on graduating from Glasgow School of Art, she has been an innovative and prolific figure in the art world since the 90s and her subject matter and style of work continues to be startling and relevant now.

11 Fig II.26 152X152cm 1996-1997 jennysaville jenny_saville_-_knead_lightbox jenny savillerubens-flap-by-jenny-saville-1348922830_b jenny savilleFulcrum jenny-saville-02 01 Branded 213X183cm 1992 jenny savillePassage 18 Entry 240X191cm 2003-04 jenny SAVILLE 2010 Reproduction Drawing III Jenny-Saville-Isis-2011 jenny-saville-glenn-luchford-closed-contact-1995 jenny_saville_1222940194_slide


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