The Work of Anna Schuleit

To celebrate the fact that Guliver Looks has officially been in action for 1 week now, we wanted to share ‘Bloom’, an inspiring installation by artist Anna Schuleit.  In 2003 Schuleit undertook the project to mark the closing of the Massachusetts mental health centre.  Bloom was conceived as a way of addressing the startling lack of plant life in environments like this, and therefore the lack of any connection to nature and living things for the people confined within.  28,000 blooming flowers covered the floors of the institution while the old public announcement system played recorded sounds from the historic building in the days leading up to its closing.  Empty chairs and corridors bared witness to the envelopment of their previously sterile surroundings and the flowers engulfed the building.  The work couldn’t fail to be read in a positive way perhaps representing the healing of countless souls to have been treated there and the enduring power of nature over man’s order, control and restraint.  Bloom is a remarkable piece in its scale and symbolism and the deluge of beautiful flowers leaves a ghostly impression of the lives to have been changed in such a place.

BLOOM-by-Anna-Schuleit-Tiny-Office-with-Tulips BLOOM-by-Anna-Schuleit-Red-Mums-640x920 BLOOM-by-Anna-Schuleit-White-Tulips BLOOM-by-Anna-Schuleit-Basement-with-Sod BLOOM-by-Anna-Schuleit-Pink-Heather BLOOM-by-Anna-Schuleit-White-Mums BLOOM-by-Anna-Schuleit-orange-Tulips BLOOM-by-Anna-Schuleit-Blue-Hallway BLOOM-by-Anna-Schuleit-orange-begonias


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