The Work of Martin Wittfooth

The anthropomorphic animal paintings of New York-based painter Martin Wittfooth conjure epic historias in which animals are the heroic focus of the narrative.  Fantastical images, like mythic classical altar pieces depict various creatures victorious or honoured as glorious martyrs in the midst of various ecological disasters.  All imply man’s destructive effect on the environment and he uses the subject of each painting as a symbolic embodiment of this impact yet human figures never feature in his compositions.  Wittfooth contrasts the natural beauty and grandure of each charismatic beast with the comparative squaller of broken, urban sprawl around them often making these structures diminutive next to the illustrious subjects.  His luminous paintings, though fanciful and fairytale-like, serve as a moral message of our ecological footprint as a society but also reveal a romanticised and idealised vision other living things.

martin wittfooth martin wittfooth sdjkh MartinWittfooth MartinWittfooth-empire martin wittfooth3 martin wittfooth-candle-for-orphans martinwittfooth_drain martin wittfoothmemento_web martin wittfooth6 Martin-Wittfooth-19 martin wittfooth martin wittfooth 2


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