The work of Michael Borremans

Belgian artist Michael Borremans’ paintings, drawings and films present unsettling, nostalgic visions of detached subjects isolated in a world of familiar objects removed from their usual, reassuring environment.  His work is often charged by his representation of inequality or power struggles and depicts characters forced into their current position with few ways of changing it.  Borremans’ provocative work is heavily influenced by Velasquez and expresses a restriction of individual expression and oppression of self using universal types taken from classical artistic references and popular media.  Drawing from multiple sources, the meaning and illusion of each piece becomes unclear and the ambiguity of time and meaning in his work creates a captivating sense of suspense and anticipation.  The trained photographer photographs live models referring to poses and scenes in various magazines and other media and uses these to paint from, distancing the end piece from the initial subject matter with every step and creating an entirely new and totally engaging new meaning.

MICHAEL-BORREMANS- MB2008_29 michael_borremans_03 michael borremans4 michael borremans5 michael borremans6 michael borremans7 Michael-Borremans8 Michael-Borremans-The-Hovering-Wood-The-Devils-Dress-David-Zwirnermichael-borremans-trickland-2002 michaelborremans9


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