The Work of Jeremy Geddes

Australian artist Jeremy Geddes paints glamorous photorealistic images of explosive, filmic visions.  His sharp focus paintings have a contemporary feel of film noir and are beautifully atmospheric.  Each captures a singular and often explosive incident, at once fanciful and convincingly realistic, he draws his viewers in as witnesses to beautiful demolitions and enchanting destruction.  Often playing theatrically with gravity and context, Geddes’ hyper real work has a glossy, sharp and elegant finish as it depicts the derelict, the debauched and the dreamlike.  His intricately detailed paintings contrast the fractured structures of urban landscapes with the fragility of the human or animal body, recurring motifs which often appear suspended in ambiguous narratives open to the interpretation of the viewer.

jeremygeddes pigeons

jeremy geddes jeremy geddes Acedia jeremy geddesBegin Again jeremy geddes heat death jeremy geddes3 Jeremy-Geddes-Exhale-Levine-AM-211 jeremy geddes4 jeremy geddes jeremy-geddes-8[6] jeremy_geddes_03 jeremy-geddes_2


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