The work of Moneyless

The beautifully detailed geometric patterns of Italian artist Moneyless pulse and reverberate in their consecutive patterns and illustrate the walls of Europe.  A leading member of the Tuscan graffiti movement during the 90s, Moneyless’s work is influenced both by the street art culture and fine art training in Carrara Fine Art Academy.  Music-like in their pattern, precision and dynamism, his pieces manifest themselves in several different forms- always loyal to his geometric abstractions including carefully choreographed suspended rope installations.  Playing with symmetry and tension of line, Moneyless’s work seems to vibrate as if barely containing some racing gyrations within its structure.   He has previously described his work as being minimalist and symbolic of lettering, a derivation of his graffiti background but his work has an insect-like life to it.  Detailed and precise it scuttles and embodies an incredibly satisfying sense of organised chaos.

Here he is working with Glasgow artist (soon to be featured on Guliver Looks) creating spectacular artwork for the canals project:


moneyless-forte-dei-marmi-2013 moneyless-rome Moneyless3 (1) moneyless3 Moneyless-Pure-Geometry-16 moneyless2 moneyless1 Moneyless-Pure-Geometry-20


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