The Work of Choi Xooang

Delicate, nightmarish sculptures by Korean artist Choi Xooang deform, detach and distress elements of the human figure.  Elegant yet goolish, they intricately twist and deform the beauty of the human body with fascinating precision using painted polymer clay and resin.  He tackles various themes about sexuality, gender and self perception but his sculptures and installations can also be interpreted as a comment on society’s impact on the individual.  Each leaves an uncomfortable impact on the viewer being fragile sterile looking objects shocking and engaging in their realism and aggression at the same time.  Perverse yet only half explained, Xooang’s work makes us question our own attitudes to the body and to our place dictated by the perceived attitudes of others.  Swan-like yet reminiscent of the most confrontational of cathedral gargoyles, his creations hang, brace and silently wale as if suspended in time.  They bring to mind the monster of Pan’s Labyrinth.

Choi Xooang Choi Xooang2 Choi Xooang3 Choi Xooang4 Choi Xooang5 Choi-Xoo-Ang_web10 Choi Xooang7 ChoiXooAng-3


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