The work of Gottfreid Helnwein

Austrian photographer Gottfreid Helnwein uses diverse references from Bosch and Goya to Walt Disney to create disorientating  images illustrating the destruction of all that is false and idealised in the post war world he was born into.  Though his artistic vocabulary and influences span a vast range of styles, disciplines and time, his work is never confused in its meaning or impact.  Often violently damaged, Helnwein’s subjects find themselves attacked or distorted and our expectations or conventional understanding of similar situations are confounded by unexpected contexts.  His use of classical poses or compositions in utterly shocking scenarios is not comedic or simplistic.  He has used the image of the virgin and child to depict SS officers and Hitler in past work rendering them beautifully and reinforcing the impact of the image and our reaction to it. He mixes references and uses techniques we associate with reality and fact, and draws them into his nightmarish, theatrical world with incredible intensity and skill.  The work it’s self covers a spectacularly refined range of disciplines and it’s immaculate finish magnifies the intensity of each subject and is a damning comment on our society.

Feast your eyes here

Gottfried Helnwein Gottfried Helnwein 2 Gottfried Helnwein3 Gottfried Helnwein 4 Gottfried Helnwein 5 Gottfried Helnwein 6 Gottfried Helnwein 7 Gottfried Helnwein 8 Gottfried Helnwein 9


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