The work of Cecily Brown

Cecily Brown’s rippling, vibrant paintings express the chaotic rapture of physical connection.  Her work is both figurative and abstract and is often titled after hollywood films.  Her playful, expressive style seems as energetic as the sexually charged scenarios they depict.  Brown’s paintings ripple and pulse and reveal new details on each fresh viewing.  The British artist practiced in NewYork after feeling isolated by the trends of the UK art scene during the 90s and it was in America that she found recognition and inspiration.  Porn has been a central theme of a lot of her work and her sensual use of paint as it manifests itself in flesh seems a fresh interpretation of an often taboo, fashion led or dark subject.  Despite this there is a tone of repulsion in some of her work.  Like over ripe fruit, the sensuality of her paintings, hectic and rich in content and technique, also betray a sense of revelry in squaller and debauchery.

cecily brown 8

cecily brown cecily brown2 cecily brown3 Cecily-Brown_CecilyBrown01 cecily brown 4 cecily brown 5 cecily brown6


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