The work of Adonna Khare

Adonna Khare elevates her subject matter, traditionally confined to the pages of children’s books and small prints, to illustrious and monumental scale, detail and altar-like position with her fantastical animal drawings.  Armed only with a pencil, eraser and a sock, Khare painstakingly, and eloquently describes dream-like visions of mutating bodies and strange interactions between mythical and familiar beasts of all descriptions.  Revealing a world reminiscent of Alice’s rabbit hole or Edmund, Simon and Lucy’s wardrobe, Khare draws her animals in a manner we are more used to seeing in aristocratic portraits or Hogarth’s paintings and etchings of London brothels.  Rampaging, stampeding cascades of animals are wavelike and rumbling rather than snarling or threatening.  Infact all of her subjects retain a charming individuality and gentle nature although she avoids cuteness or oversimplifying them in any way.  Pure fantasy, created by an artist with an obvious respect and love of nature, Khare’s creations transport the viewer into an enchanting world.

adonna-khare-warthog-1367886841_b Adonna-Khare_web11 Adonna-Khare_web12 addona khare3 addona khare2 addona khare addona khare-alligator adonna khareelephants-mural-by-adonna-khare adonna kharejpg Adonna-and-Center-Panel2


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