The work of Vasilios Paspalis

Combining digital imagery with conventional subject matter and composition, Vasilios Paspalis creates haunting hyper real yet dream-like drawings and paintings.  His work is immaculately rendered, reminiscent of  victorian illustration and portraiture.  Paspalis skilfully and subtly manipulates his subjects so that they are familiar and disconcertingly wrong all at once.  Delicate and detailed, his work has a similar delicate ambience to faded, antiquated photographs but he alters their context and defies our expectations.  Eerie and magnetically engaging, Paspalis’s images charm and impress in their detail and finish but leave the viewer with a strange sense of discomfort and disquiet.

VASILIOS PASPALIS Vasilios-Paspalis2 Vasilios-Paspalis_06 Vasilios-Paspalis_04 VASILIOS PASPALIS3 vasilios paspalis 7 vasilios-paspalis-8 vasiliospap9


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