The work of Teodora Axente

Teodora Axente’s paintings of the human body covered, restricted and wrapped in distorted materials, broken detritus and disjointed devices express internal distress and upheaval.  Often eerily still and trapped in suggestive poses, Axente’s figures are manifestations of emotional turmoil and struggle.  The painter’s delicate depiction of flesh sharply contradicts the cold, hard broken surface of industrial or artificial materials that envelope it and reveal a world that is firmly anchored in the physicality of the real world yet has a strange dream-like quality.  Even familiar objects take on a strange and sinister symbolism.  Her work communicates the preoccupation of individual uncertainty in modern life and she often depicts her figures in a state of all-consuming isolation.

teodora axente blasd

Teodora Axente Teodora Axente2 Teodora Axente3 Teodora Axente4 Teodora Axente5 Teodora Axente6 Teodora Axente, Marius & Smaranda, 2012, Oil on canvas, 88 x 96 cm_obiect Teodora Axente8


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