The work of Alexander Tinei

The pallid figures of Alexander Tinei, scarred with vein-like tattoos, stand isolated in poses reminiscent of magazine shoots or life model poses.  Each has a quiet intensity, casting it’s subjects as symbolic spirits, their garbs and body art rooted in pagan and eastern belief systems they pledge their loyalty to through the ritualistic blood shed of tattooing.   His painterly, translucent figurative works are often set in a black, featureless wilderness abscent of familier comfort conventional objects or spaces.  He concentrates on androgynous subjects who are part of an alternative culture outside society’s mainstream.  The loneliness and introspective tone of the work hints at the struggle to articulate one’s sense of identity and individuality.   Interested in transformation of self, Tinei possibly bases this on his own experience of personal evolution saying that he is  ‘an absolute product of a Soviet culture, transformed into Western culture, transformed into myself.’

alexander tinei alexander tinei2 alexander tineiPicasso_children_274d43c5c7 Ialexander tinei_can_fly_9017de5445alexander tinei 6 alexander tinei 7 alexander tinei 8 alexander tinei 9 alexander tinei 10


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