The work of Taner Ceylan

Taner Ceylan’s work defies the sterile reputation of photorealism with his intimate depictions of violence, affection and flesh.  His flawless, air-brushed finish contrasts the gritty content of his paintings which often describe masculine impulse, desire and vulnerability.  Often explicit yet never gratuitous, Ceylan’s technique draws his viewers close to situations they might otherwise shy away from.  His detailed, refined and classical technique is often adopted by painters who  focus on female nudes-mere sexual objects, rarely revealing genuine emotion or personality yet he reveals a touching, often brutal look at male psyche and flesh.  Find more here- ceylan taner ceylan1 taner ceylan2 taner ceylan3 taner ceylan4 taner ceylan5 taner ceylan6


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