The work of Christian Rex van Minnen

Christian Rex van Minnen’s deliciously sickly paintings seem to subvert the conventions of Rembrandt’s formal portraits.  Using poses and compositions usually reserved for stately patrons and austere still lives, van Minnen paints nightmarish of cartoonish eyeballs in twisted towers of bluming flowers, children’s toys, tattooed flolds of flesh and translucent, oozing droplets and globules of liquid.  Beautifully obsurd, they are contorted and grotesque yet refined and formal.  Find more here-

christian rex van minnenVAN_MINNEN_Christian_ROMANS_ATE_THE_FETAL_RABBITS_ZULU_2012_Oil_Panel_14_x_11in christian rex van minnen7 christian rex van minnen5 Christian rex van minnenVAN_MINNEN_Christian_CONTACT_2011_Oil_Canvas_20_x_16in christian rex van minnen3 Christian Rex van Minnen 2 christian rex van minnen1


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